Guide to Recover From Hard Bricked OnePlus One

If you are a Oneplus phone user and your phone is bricked (Hard Bricked) and don’t know how to unbrick it or how to recover it. If your phone is hard bricked It won’t start up at all no lights no recovery, no fastboot nothing. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can unbrick your Hard Bricked OnePlus One. This guide is for hardware bricked devices ONLY and will not work on soft bricked devices. If your phone is Softbricked, then follow this guide. How to Fix Bricked or Dead OnePlus One Easily.

Recover Hard Bricked OnePlus One

Now First let me explain you the difference between Hard bricked and Soft Bricked.

Soft Bricked:- A software bricked OPO is one that might be stuck in a bootloop, but has a working bootloader, recovery partition, fastboot, or adb. If you press the power button and images appear on the screen

Hard Bricked :- A hardware bricked OPO has nothing but a black screen (nothing ever comes on the screen, not even a boot logo), it might vibrate when a power button is pressed and held for 20 seconds, has no Recovery partition, no adb mode, and no fastboot partition.

So let’s take a look how to recovery the oneplus one form Hard Bricked Stage. Read All the Steps very carefully and follow them step by step.

NOTE:- We tested this guide on our OnePlus One and it works fine. Recently we hard bricked our phone and used this method to unbrick it.

Recover Hard Bricked OnePlus One

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Step 1. To get started you need tow file, First the Qualcomm 2012 drivers to connect your phone to the Windows PC

Second Color OS ZIP files to flash the Color OS on your phone, you can’t directly flash the CM12 or CM 11 on your phone. To unbrick first you need to install Color OS and after that you can easily flash your CM 12 or CM 11 OS>

Download Qualcomm 2012 drivers here and extract the folder on your desktop.

Download Colors OS zip file here and extract the same on your desktop.

Step 2. Now connect your bricked OPO using the data cable to The Pc and simultaneously press the power button + Volume up button for a few seconds.

Step 3. After this right click on My computer–> Manage–> Device manager Find the device saying ” QHSUSB_BULK” right click on it then click on Update device driver–> Browse My computer for device Location click on browse and select the drivers Qualcomm driver folder–> next –> Finish.

This will install the proper drivers on your desktop.

NOTE:- If you are getting some error while installing the drivers. Then follow this method. Click on Start Menu > Type cmd.exe > Right Click and Run as Administrator.
In the CMD window type in the following commands (hit enter after each):

bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON

After both the commands should run successfully, restart your computer. And repeat the Step 3.

Step 4. Now open the colors OS Folder and run the “Msm8974DownloadTool.exe” file on your desktop.

Step 5. Now windows will appear on your desktop with some Chinese language.

Step 6. It will scan all the COM ports and find the phone. That’s the one line that looks different in the list. The list is just a list of your com ports and devices. If you unplug the phone and move it to another port, it will show your bricked phone on a different line.


(If you don’t see your phone in the list of com devices, try unplugging/plugging in your phone a couple times, and rebooting it with VolUP + Power (hold 10 seconds). You will see it in Device Manager as well.)

Step 7. Once you see the phone in the list, click Start. You should see the programs start writing different files to the phone. Each time it writes a file you’ll see a progress bar.

Once done Your Phone’s Row will turn Green And you are done.

Step 8. Now disconnect your phone and reboot it and the Colors OS In installed on your phone.

That’s it, now your phone is unbricked and now you can download the CM 12 or CM 11 Zip file on your desktop and use this guide to Flash the file on your phone.

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