How to Check your Dropbox Account is Hacked or Not

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud service and most of the users are using it to upload images, videos and other personal files, so they can access them from anywhere. So today in this post we let you know how you can check your Dropbox account is hacked or not OR how to find if anyone else is using your Dropbox account.

Unlike gmail, Dropbox doesn’t has the feature to track the list of IP address that have recently accessed your account. You can see our Gmail post here in which we mention how to track last login details. Below is the guide which helps you to check the recent activity on your Dropbox account and helps you to check your dropbox is safe or not. If you don’t have the Dropbox account, you can get free Dropbox account from here.

Check your Dropbox Account is Hacked or Not

How to Check is Anyone using your Dropbox account

1. Check recent activity around your Dropbox account:

Dropbox Events
Dropbox Events

Dropbox has the events feature, from here you can check all the recent activity. You can see this option from this link Here you can check all the things you done with your Dropbox account like Upload, download files and more. If you find any suspicious activity here like someone removed or added any files to your Dropbox storage without your knowledge. That means your account is compromised or using by someone without your permission.

2. Check out the Device linked with your Account:-

Dropbox Security
Dropbox Security

From the dropbox security tab you can view which computers, phones, and tablets that have access to your Dropbox. If you find any other device which you are not using to Login your Dropbox account, it means that some one hacked your dropbox account and using it from that device. Your next step is to unlink that device from the list to secure your dropbox account.

These lists also allow you to view the devices and browsers currently using your Dropbox account and ensure no one else has access.

With these methods you can check your Dropbox Account is Hacked or Not. To secure your dropbox account always use 2-Step Verification method, here is the complete guide How to Secure Dropbox Account with 2-Step Verification.

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