How to Open Gmail when it is Blocked

Is Gmail Blocked in your office or college, don’t worry with some simple tricks you can access / open blocked Gmail at office, school or college. To use this you don’t have to install any proxy or any other application on your computer. The trick is so simple that anybody can use it without any problem and can access blocked gmail in a minute. So here are some simple steps which help you to Open gmail when it is blocked.

Tips To open Gmail When it is Blocked

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1. Use different web addresses :

Instead of using use

* or
* or
* or
* or
* or

Because most of the time IT Admin will block the url and forget to add above url in the blocked list, so with above mention urls you can open the gmail on your computer, if is blocked on your PC.

2. Configure your mail program (Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook ) to access Gmail – Another easy way to check gmail account on blocked computer, in this case you have to configure your Gmail account with Microsoft outlook or Outlook express. After that you can send and receive mails without opening Gmail web page on your desktop. To Configure it Check here how to do that.

3. Forwards Gmail mails to your Office emails ID. – Best solution for accessing blocked Gmail emails is to forward all incoming emails to your Official email accocunt. You can do this from your your Gmail settings, all you have to mention the Official email iD on the Forward box to receive emails on your official inbox.

These are some simple and easy steps which helps you to open gmail when it is blocked in your office. If nothing works for you then try some online proxy websites to access Gmail. You can find lots of online proxy site in Google search.

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  1. I use the iPhone 3g and have yahoo mail and gmail accounts on it and can switch back and forth and they normaly open up without a password or login . Ihavent changed anything that I know of. For some reason I wasn’t getting any email in the gmail account I sent a test from yahoo nothing came t gmail.
    So I went to gmail on the web and tries to log in and wound up having to change my password so I did. Iwas able to look then at my mail.
    Now still not getting any mail showing when i switch accounts. Says can’t open mail wrong userne or password but it does not giver a screen to enter thecorrect password… So what do I need to do to fix this??

  2. hiiiiiiiii frnds
    i tried thiss all links in offc bt no use
    could anyone please help me in this issue.

    thanks in advance

  3. I’m unable to open my gmail in my system.But other’s system I’m able to open my gmail. Pls send me solution to this problem

  4. Really its a great experience and i tried very hard to open my account in my office and finally its possible with the help of Proxies

    Thank u very much for the links provided in Sites

    Thank u admins and support team

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