Guide to Install 50MP Color OS Camera on OnePlus One

No doubt Oneplus one is one of the smartest android phone available in the market and most of the users already bout the same, But most of the users are not happy with the performance of the default camera application and looking for the alternative app. Now you can enjoy the pone of the camera app on your phone. It’s the default camera app from ColorOS, one of the best camera app with lots of feature like 50MP image capture, Super zoom, 4K video recording and lots more. It has everything you want from a built-in camera app and more, including slow-motion recording, burst mode, and the ability to alter its shutter speed. To get this application all you need a rooted device with unlock bootloader. Read our guide here how to unlock bootloader and root oneplus one. After that follow the below mention guide to install 50MP Color OS Camera on OnePlus One.

The guide is pretty simple and take a few minutes to complete the task. All you have to install some apk file on you phone and you are done. Read all the instruction very carefully.

Install Color OS Camera on OnePlus One

Install ColorOS’s Camera on Your OnePlus One

Step 1. First enable the “Unknown Sources” to Install Third-Party Apps on your phone. Go to the Settings -> Security, then check the box next to Unknown sources and you’re good to go.


Step 2. Now download the Color OS Camera apk file here and save it on your desktop.

Step 3. After this all the plugins apk file for the camera here and save it on your desktop.

Step 4. Now move all the file on your phone internal SD card.

Step 5. Browse for the Color OS Camera apk file on the file explorer and install the same and after that install all the plugins apk one by one one your phone.

Step 6. Now the new camera app is installed on your app, ipen it one your phone and you will see all the features on your phone.

Colors OS Camera OnePLus One

That’s it ! Now enjoy the new camera in your Oneplus one. What is your favorite feature of the ColorOS camera? Let us know in the comments below.


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27 thoughts on “Guide to Install 50MP Color OS Camera on OnePlus One”

  1. The Pixel shows only 13 M and even after installing the apk files, I do not get modes like Macro, HDR etc for taking pictures

  2. I have Resolution set to 50 M Pixels under the camera settings but after clicking photo is taken with the 13 MPixel only.
    I have oneplus one with Oxygen OS.

  3. You need to enable “HD Picture”plugin swipe up from where clicker is and you should see all the plugins.

  4. I am on CM 12. After installation, I checked the camera settings for resolution and there is no “50 MP” option to select.

  5. Just open HD Picture from the options and then you can see 50MP and 24MP. In normal settings, you’ll be able to see only 13MP or 10MP

  6. Hi

    I have installed the app itself and all its plugins, but when I open the app and want to show and choose from the plugins options, it just shows a “loading revolving icon” and nothing it shown ever.

    I’m using CM 11s

  7. Thank you.

    I tried restarting, I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app over and over. I also tried installing different versions of the app. But nothing worked. The plugin options are still not shown. Can you please guess what the problem is? I really like to use these plugins.

    Thanks a lot for the help

  8. I am on a CM12. Can i install the app without unlocking the bootloader and rooting my device? Also is rooting recommended for my device ( in general) ?

  9. Bro I have the same problem as above, Ive restarted my phone but I still see the loading revolving icon in the plugins area. Please tell me what to do

  10. I’m using Paranoid 5.1 and I have loading plugins for couple seconds, after this app closes πŸ™

  11. I’ve followed your guide and the camera app works, but as mentioned above it cannot display the plugins. Even after restarting my phone. Any other way to fix that? Using CM12, no root

  12. How to Install:

    Install as normal APK
    Install plug ins as normal APK
    Open Camera -> Open Plug in menu and enable installed plug ins if they’re not shown

  13. What do you mean by “enable installed plugin if they are not shown ” ?
    I just have loading icon and can’t enable anything

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