How to Manually Install Google Play Store on Xiaomi Phone, Mi3, Mi4, Redmi 1S

Update: Here is the newly updated guide to install the Google Play store on Xiaomi Phone. If you are a Xiaomi device user like Mi 3, Mi 4, Redmi 1S Android smartphone and want to install Google application on your phone. Most of the user can’t find the Google apps on the phone like Gmail, YouTube, Play Store etc. To do this all you need a Google play store app on your phone and after that from the play store you can install all the google apps in one click. Few day back we showed you a method to install Google play store on the Mi3 smartphone, but most of the user unable to install the same. Here is the new guide in which you can manually install the Google play store on your Xiaomi phone.

The process is pretty simple and all you have to download and install one apk file on your device and your are done. After that login with your Google account and install the app from the Google play store. Let’s take a look how to install play store on Mi3, Mi4, Redmi 1S.

UPDATE: If this guide will not work on your device then read our new updated guide here Proper Way to Install Google Play Store on Mi3, Mi4, Redmi 1s or Install Gapps and Play Store on MIUI 6 Xiaomi Devices

Install Google Play Store on Xiaomi Phone

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Download Google Play Store on Xiaomi MIUI 6 or MIUI 5

Step 1. On your Xiaomi device, tap Settings > Security and slide the Unknown sources switch to the right.


Step 2. Now open the browser on your Xiaomi phne and visit this thread over at XDA forum to download the latest Google Play Store apk file.


If this method will not work for you then you can check the updated guide here to install Google Apps on MIUI.

Step 3. Once the download is finished, open the notification panel and tap the Download complete notification to start the installation process on your xiaomi phone. See the screen shot below:-


Step 4. Now the Google Play store in installed on your device. Open the app and login with your Google account and install all your favorite Google apps form the plays store. If this method will not work for you then you can check the updated guide here to install Google Apps on MIUI.
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22 thoughts on “How to Manually Install Google Play Store on Xiaomi Phone, Mi3, Mi4, Redmi 1S”

  1. i followed the instructions and after it installed i tried to open the play store but it kept crashing after 0.5 secs..please help. i tried the other route through the xiaomi market also to get the google Installer but after the download finish it said that the install failed..i dont know what :'(

  2. doesnt work playstore keeps crashing i bought a xiaomi mi 3from mainland china is there any other ways to make it like what u will get elsewhere

  3. I have the same problem as courtney, but after i clear cache, it still happen. What should i do? I’m new to this phone and this phone was bought in China. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

  4. hi Sidarth. thank you for responding so quickly and for your help. when I went to clear the cache, there was no cache to clear. so i cleared the data and closed the app. i tried to open the app again, and again it closes before it fully opens. i went to the app settings to clear the cache, but just like before there was no cache to clear. i dont know what to do :”(

  5. Hey Sidharth. So today I decided to download Gmail apk and the same problem. But this time a message appeared for a brief moment before the app closed. It said that the app won’t run without Google Play Services and that it is not installed on my phone. I think this may be the reason the play store is not working also. I downloaded the play services apk and tried to run the app again, also tried to clear the cache and restart. Still doesn’t work. I’m so confused and frustrated. Please help me if you can.

  6. Hi Sidharth. Thanks for all your help. The installer method using Eric Xiang’s app also did not so work. I think I figured out what the issue is. My Xiaomi is Fake! Haha. After looking at my phone using CPU Z, something looked strange, do I downloaded the Xiaomi verify app (Jianding) from their website, and ran a scan on my phone and it confirmed that my phone was not a real Xiaomi phone. So I think if your other readers are a still having issues after trying method 1 and 2 to get the play store, then they should verify if their phone is authentic, if not, then the fake device is likely the cause. Again, thank you for your help. The verify app can be found here:

  7. Hey both of you, I have the same problem and the playstation store keeps crushing directly. I also tried different installation processes without any result. I use Xiaomi 4 and it’s not a fake

  8. Got it to work: I installed the GMail app, registered with it. Reinstalled Google store again and then it worked for me.

  9. Hi Sidharth, Thanks for all the tips, its really amazing. I have the same issue I guess. I manage to install google play, however, couldnt sign in and giving this msg “there was a problem communicating with google servers”. Same msg is giving for all google services. Your expertise is much appreciated.

  10. Hi Sidharth, did all you mentioned and still cant open the google play store. The cache is empty. Fyi, i’m using Mi4.

  11. hey i Can’t log in to my Google playstore Account on my xiaomi redmi 1s. i had whatsapp+ on my phone, so to hide my online status i installed plus donation with the help of freedom app, but it modified my playstore, so i uninstalled the update of the playstore. but then it showed me the connection error so i reset my phone to factory reset but it still shows me the same error and now i am not able to use any of the apps like whatsapp gmail or any google app.please help i want my previous play store back.

  12. hi Sid.

    I buy mi4 last month from official paysite in China.
    I have official mi account no. also.
    myself I’m IT engg. so to setup, install, and all I did very professionally

    have tried all ur tips and tricks.

    1) Google download from mi market – not work
    2) manual install – APk file install – not work
    3) Google service framework – not work
    4) clear cache – not work
    5) gmail account method – not work
    now beyound all this, how to start , play store ?

    u can call or email too.
    if u give contact info, I will call u as well.

    abhishek shah
    0091-98677 88773

  13. hi sid i deleted google play store from my phone by mistake by titanium backup pro and i reset my phone but it has deleted browser,playstore,and all google play servies plz help me to reinstall google playstore i tried many playstore apk .it installs perfectely when i run playstore apps it says “cant establish a reliable connection to the server this could be temporary problm or your andriod device may not be provisioned for data servies if it continues call custome care” and i am connected to a wifi network which is working ………..plz help

  14. I have a similar problem on my mi3, google play won’t open and there is nothing in the cache to clear. When I tried the other method you suggested I got an error saying that the file could not be parsed.
    What can I do? I know the phone is real I bought it direct from Xiaomi

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