Root Yureka Plus, Install TWRP recovery & Unlock Bootloader

Yureka Plus android smartphone is already available in the market and most of the user already bought the device. If you are one of them and want to install rooted apps like exposed framework or Titanium backup, then you have to root your phone. Here in this tutorial we’ll show you how to unlock the bootloader on Yureka Plus, Install TWRP recovery and get the root access with Super SU Zip file. The method is pretty simple and takes a few minutes to complete all the tasks. Once the Yureka Plus is rooted you can enjoy lots of rooted application and custom ROM on your phone. To follow this guide you need some files, ADB and Fastboot drivers and windows PC. So let’s take a look how to do that in simple steps.

Before following this guide do take the full backup of your phone like data, images, video, files, emails, contacts, songs etc. Check out here how to take the full backup of your android phone. After that read all the steps very carefully and follow them step by steps on your phone.

Root Yureka Plus, Install TWRP recovery & Unlock Bootloader

Root Yureka+, Unlock Bootloader, and Install TWRP

Step 1. First you need to install the ADB and Fastboot drivers on your PC. Read here how to setup ADB files and Drivers on your windows PC. Once done you will see the ADB folder on your windows PC C: Drive (C:/ADB)

Step 2. Now Enable Android Debugging on your Yureka Plus.

Step 3. Go to Developer Option and disable Update Recovery

Step 4. Download the TWRP recovery for the Yureka Plus here and save the recovery img file on the ADB folder that you created in the Step 1.

Step 5. Connect your phone to the PC with USB cable and open a command prompt window in your fastboot/adb folder (C:\adb\). To do this Hold Shift button on your keyboard and right-click on the empty space of the folder. See the screenshot:-

Step 6. Now in the command prompt windows enter the following command:-

adb devices

If your device is connected you will get it in connected devices

Step 7. Now enter the following command to boot your phone in bootloader mode:-

adb reboot-bootloader

Your phone will restart into the bootloader.

Step 8. You need unlocked bootloader now. Run the command below to check whether the bootloader of your device is lock or unlocked. By default, it comes locked.

fastboot -i 0x1ebf oem device-info

If your bootloader is unlocked, it will say “True”, else it will say “false”. If it is False, then do the next step

Step 9. Now enter the following command to unlock the bootloader

fastboot -i 0x1ebf oem unlock

After this, your phone will reboot automatically, if not enter the following command to boot.

fastboot reboot

Step 10. Now your phone has the unlocked bootloader, next step is to root the phone. To do this download the Supersu ZIP here and transfer the zip file on your phone.

Step 11. Now you can root your phone in two ways. Reboot your in bootloader mode. See step 7.

Method 1: If you want to retain the Original Recovery – Hot boot – With this method you will get the OTA updates, but can’t install the Custom ROM on your phone.

Type : fastboot -i 0x1ebf boot TWRP_V2.8.7.0_YUREKA.img

This will launch TWRP on your device. Navigate to where you saved the file. Flash it, wipe Cache, Reboot and you are rooted!




Method 2: If you want to flash Custom Recovery – Flash (In this method you will not get the OTA update, and every time you have to flash the ZIP file to apply the update.

Type : fastboot -i 0x1ebf flash recovery TWRP_V2.8.7.0_YUREKA.img

Step 12. Now the TWRP recovery on your device. Now, boot your device into recovery mode. For this, first enable the Advanced reboot option in Settings > Developer options. Then hold the power button to get pop-up, then tap on Reboot > Recovery.

Step 13. Once your phone in recovery mode, navigate to where you saved the file. Flash it, wipe Cache, Reboot and you are rooted!

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  1. hello Brother i did according to what you said device is shown in devices list. But after the fastboot command to check device info it shows waiting for device msg and after that nothing comes up “true or False ” nothing.
    same happens if i type the fastboot unlock command.

    what to do plz help brother.

  2. Same process I will work but there are showing “waiting is device”.
    Please help me
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