Transform Android Phone Into iPhone With Espier Launcher

Are you an Android phone user and want to try the iPhone screen look on your Android smartphone or turn android into iphone, then you have to try the new Android app Espier Launcher. Espier Launcher allows you to transform you android into iPhone. It was the one of the best clone of the iOS Springboard. It has lots of iPhone feature that you can use on your Android Phone like uninstall apps in one click (press and hold any icon until all icons begin to vibrate), drag and drop the icons, drag and overlap any icon help to create a folder and more.

It has also some functions like iPhone, swipe left to search your phone, create folders by dragging app icons over each other, swipe up to reveal the multitasking toolbar, and view notification counts on messages and missed calls.

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It free and simple to use, go to the Android market and Download the free app Espier Launcher

Transform Android Phone Into iPhone With Espier Launcher

After the the installation you can see the new iPhone Screen on your Android mobile, now you can enjoy the new iPhone look on your Phone.

Just hold any icon until all icons begin to vibrate, now you can see the “X” mark on the icon, with the click of X mark you can uninstall the app from your Android Phone, or you can Drag and drop the icon on your screen.

You can also access helpful shortcuts like Wi-Fi, rotation lock, network settings, brightness, and volume easily to do this slide your fingers from the screen bottom to top and then swipe right to access those shortcuts.

Download Espier Launcher App From here

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