Mozy Android App: Acces your files anywhere

Mozy released a new Android app for Android Mobile users. Mozy Android app lets users access all the files they’ve downloaded with Mozy, right on their Android device. By installing this … Read more

How to Update your Google Chromebook

Two days back Google unveiled a couple of Netbooks running on Chrome OS, known as Google Chromebook. If you are not familar with Google Chromebook, here is little update for you, … Read more

Google Chromebook 10 Missing features

Recently Google launched their new product Google Chromebook, Google Chromebook is a notebook build on the chromium OS from Google. Chromebooks are built and optimized for the web, so you get … Read more

Sony Playstation Network Return Begins

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Finally the wait is over, today Sony announced that it will restore game services for the PlayStation Network starting today, after a 24-day self-inflicted outage. PSN is being restored in Europe … Read more